The Ethiopian House of Peoples Representatives has voted into law a new amnesty law that grants amnesty to persons convicted of a number of political crimes including those found guilty of committing crimes punishable under the infamous anti-terrorism proclamation as well as crimes punishable on the basis of various provisions of the Criminal code of Ethiopia.
Accordingly, the proclamation which came into force on the 20th of June 2018 as Proclamation No 1096 gives amnesty to individuals who were suspected or convicted to have committed the following crimes
• Obstruction of the constitutional order (239)
• Armed Rising or Civil War (240)
• Attack on the Political or Territorial Integrity of the state (241)
• Impairment of the Defensive Power of the State(247)
• Treason and High Treason (248 & 249)
• Collaboration with the Enemy (251)
• Espionage (252)
• Material Preparation of Subversive Acts (256)
• Provocation and Preparation (257)
• Desertion committed by Military forces (288)
• Inciting the Public through False Rumors (486)
• Offences committed in violation of the State of emergency proclamations 1 & 2 of Ethiopia as well as
• Offences committed in violation of the anti-terrorism proclamation of Ethiopia (652/2009)
It is important to note however that the amnesty is said to not apply to those convicted under the antiterrorism proclamation who caused the loss of human life by their actions. Additionally individuals whose properties were confiscated based on a court order are not eligible to request the return of such property based on this law.
You can download the Amharic version of the  amnesty proclamation ethiopia 1096/2018 here.